Oil Change and Filter

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oil change and filter

Oil Change and Filter – It is an important to know the role of oil change and filter because car oil change and filter replacement keeps the car’s engine run smoothly. Moreover, car oil change is a valuable routine to do to keep the performance and life of your beloved car even if you still don’t have money to pay the oil change cost. Let’s learn more about car oil change and filter below and you have to do in oil change car process to limit the oil change cost significantly.

car oil change
car oil change

Follow These Easy Steps to do Oil Changes and Filter Replacements at Home Below :

Two Ways of Oil Changing and Filter Replacement

There are two ways deal with car oil change and filter. You can bring the car to a car dealer or do the oil change car at home. You may send your car to a car dealer if you don’t have skills for an car oil change process by yourself and pay the oil change cost. But doing the car oil change at home is easy to do and you don’t have to spend too much money for the oil change cost.

The basic thing you have to do if you want do oil change and filter at home is preparing the equipment for the oil change car first. The equipments for the car oil change are including:

a. Motor oil and filter

It is a primary item you need to prepare deal with oil change and filter activity. The way to get the best oil and filter is that you have to check the viscocity and the number of quarts before the oil change car process. Preparing the oil and the filter by yourself is cheaper than the oil change cost.

b. Oil filter

It is also an important product need to prepare before starting the car oil change. The oil filter helps to remove contaminant in some specific parts such as engine, transmission, lubricating, and hydraulic during the oil change car activity.

c. Some Important tools

You also have to prepare some important tools before doing the oil change and filter activity to complete the task. Those important tools for a car oil change process are a socket wrench, oil filter wrench, funnel, bucket, newspaper, and rag. Again, the cost to prepare the tools is cheaper than the oil change cost if you bring it to the dealer.

Place the Car in a Safe Location

After preparing the equipment and tools for a car oil change above, you need to make sure that the car is in a safe location before starting the car oil change. It is better to place the car in the garage so you can take your time to do the oil change and filter replacement. The idea is to do the oil change car successfully without any problem. The oil change cost is including the place to do it so you have to pay more only for a car oil change. Of course, you don’t have to rent a building and it makes the oil change cost cheaper.

Use a Newspaper to Cover Up the Floor

Use the newspaper to cover up the floor and make sure the location is under the drain plug. The newpaper is used to cover up the floor from the spill of the motor oil during the oil change and filter replacement process although you have used a bucket. These two tools make the oil change car under control and keep the surrounding clean.

oil change car
oil change car

Put a Bucket for the Used Motor Oil

When the car is ready for car oil change process, take a bucket which you have prepared before on the newspaper. Take it and put under the vehicle percisely under the place where the motor oil running out or drain plug during the oil change car. This process is included to the oil change cost because you ask a help from a technician.

Open the Drain Plug    

When the process above is ready, continue the oil change and filter replacement by opening the drain plug. You need to use another tool which you have mentioned before in this car oil change step, a socket wrench to lose the drain plug. Use the socket wrench to turn the drain plug counterclockwise to continue thecar oil change.

Drain the Motor Oil from the Engine Tank

Now, you can start the car oil change by draining the motor oil on the car first. The trick to drain the motor oil for oil change car is by turning on the car for a few minutes. This process has an important role in oil change car, especially to make the motor oil warm and run smoothly. During this process, you need to think about the oil change cost because you have to buy new motor oil from the dealer.

Wait for the Motor Oil Drip from the Engine Tank

In this oil change and filter replacement step you will see a a plug and what you have to do next is removing it slowly. By the time you remove the plug, the motor oil will drain out. Just do this car oil change carefully because the motor oil is hot because you turn on the car. Wait until there is no oil drip from the car and then reinstall the drain plug. You can do the oil change car without spending money than spending money for the oil change cost.

Remove the Newspaper and Bucket to the Oil Filter

The next step is the main idea of what oil change and filter replacement is. You also have to replace the oil filter. Use the newspaper and the bucket by removing it to the oil filter. The idea is to keep everything clean from the old oil during the car oil change.

Lose the Oil Filter to Replace the Filter

When it is ready, lose the filter by using a filter wrench for oil change and filter replacement process. Turning the filter counterclockwise to lose the filter to continue the oil change car process. Do it slowly and remove the oil filter carefully by hand. You are ready to install the old filter with a new one and the oil change car is almost done.

Prepare a New Gasket

Now, prepare the new gasket to continue the oil change and filter replacement. The thing you need to do is using a little bit of motor oil to the gasket before the oil change car. The motor oil protects the gasket from a variety of problems such as oil leak, cracking, and sticking after the car oil change. Then, tighten the new oil filter. It is also a relatively simple step which can reduce the oil change cost. In the dealer, a new gasket is included on the oil change cost and it means you have to pay more.

Fill the Empty Engine with New Oil

The oil change and filter replacement is not done yet. You have to fill the empty engine with new oil to complete the oil change car. Check the engine in the car and then lose the filter cap. Now, fill the empty engine tank with the new motor oil. You can use funnel to make the car oil change easier and not to make the oil spill to the other parts. The main part of the oil change cost is using to buy new oil.

Replace the Oil Cap

The last thing to do in the oil change and filter replacement process is replacing the oil cap. Don’t forget to clean the motor oil spills if there is any during the oil change car. When oil change car is done, you may turn on the engine for a few minutes. It helps to circulate the oil to the parts of the car after the car oil change.

Clean Up the Mess

This is the time to clean up everything that you use in the oil change and filter replacement. For example, clean up the old motor oil on the bucket you got from the oil change car by pouring the oil container. Then, you can bring the used motor oil to the closest car service station so they can recycle it. Clean up also the newpaper and dirty rag and make sure that there is no oil left from the car oil change process. This is also a service which included in the oil change cost if you take the car to the dealer.

Drive the Car

When oil change car is complete, it means the oil change and filter replacement is totally done. You can use the car just like what you want. The difference is that the car looks fresh because of the car oil change.

oil change cost
oil change cost

An Important Note

A tip after the oil change and filter replacement is writing down the date you change the oil. This is a simple and important thing to do to know the next date to change oil car. It is really save your oil change cost, right!

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The detail about oil change and filter replacement above is also showing you about the oil change cost you pay when you bring the car to the dealer for an oil change car. By doing the oil change and filter replacement by yourself carefully, you can reduce the oil change cost. You can use the money you want to use to pay the oil change cost for the other car’s maintenance. Indeed, it is really an effective way to limit oil change cost on your budgeting list.

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