Led Panel Light

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led panel light

LED panel light is a new trend because it is more efficient than the ordinary bulb. Before using this type of panel light system, it is better to learn more about it. This article explains to you about the difference between the LED light system and incandescent bulb and how to install the light emitting diode panel lights.

led panel light
led panel light

12 The Difference Between LED Panel Light and Incandescent Lamp is as Follows:

1. The Lighting System

LED panel light is a lamp which designed to produce light-emitting diode or LED. It is believed to be more efficient than an incandescent bulb. Moreover, this type of lamp is durable compared to the old-fashioned lamp technology. It is different from an incandescent because the lamp is producing light by using a filament.

2. The Way to Produce Light

The difference is also in the process of how the lamp produces light. LED panel light produces light using a specific process namely a cold process. When you have connected the power to the semiconductors, the system is activating the electrons. The connection also creates photons and finally turn the light on. In the opposite, an incandescent lamp is using a filament. When the filament glows, it produces heat and finally creating light.

3. The Efficiency

LED panel light is considered as an effective and efficient lamp. This is because the system doesn’t use a filament in which it needs more power to heat the filament to produce light. LED light produces a small amount as not much as an incandescent lamp. That’s why the LED light is known as an efficient lamp.

led panel light
light emitting diode (LED)

4. The Durability

It is also stated that LED panel light is durable than incandescent lamp. Due to the cold process of producing light, LED panel system is able to use approximately to 10 years. If there is something wrong with the bulb, it often dimmed or faded so it is also safer than the incandescent lamp.

5. The Price

The drawback is that LED panel light is more expensive than the ordinary lamps in the market. It is a common thing due to the technology applied in the LED lighting system. The system is more complicated in which it needs a circuit board, driving components, and housing. The function of the parts is to endure the elements. Due to the complicated system, you will have a durable lighting system.

led panel light
light emitting diode (LED) panel

6. The Brightness Level

The brightness level between LED panel light and incandescent lamp is similar. The problem is that the system is different so you can’t find LED lamp in the higher wattages. The best part is that even you have to use more bulb when you are applying the LED panel system but you are using less electrical power. Just imagine that if you can save up to 80% electricity power by using an LED lamp.

After learning the difference between LED panel light and an incandescent lamp, let’s learn about how to install the LED panel. It might be a little bit complicated for a first time user but LED lighting system gives more benefits in the long term usage.

7. Prepare the Frame

The first thing to do to install the LED panel light is preparing the frame first. Just assemble the frame with nuts. Make sure that you have assembled the frame perfectly so you have a sturdy frame. Just read the instruction on the package if you still get confused about how to assemble the panel light frame.

8. Pre-Mark the Hole to Install the LED Panel

When the frame is ready, go to the ceiling where you want to hang the LED panel light. Next, you have to pre-mark the hole locations and install anchors. Use a drill to mark the hole location so you can install the panel light right away when it is ready. If you have given a mark on the ceiling, you can start to mount the panel light frame in the ceiling.

9. Remove One of the LED Panel Frame

After mounting the LED panel light frame in the ceiling, remove one of the parts of the frame first. This step is an important thing to do because you have to need access to the rails. To continue the installation, install the wire driver which is located in the middle of the frame.

10. Slide the LED Panel

Now, this is the time for you to take the LED panel light. This is the step where you have to slide the panel. You have to do slide the panel from the place where you replace one of the frames. That’s why you have to remove one of the frames first before installing the panel.

11. Connect the Drive to the Panel Light Power

Just make sure that you have slid the LED panel light perfectly. Then, you can continue the process by connecting the drive to the panel light power. Keep the connection system in a safe place inside the panel. Next, reattach the frame which released before. In this step, the drive is perfectly covered by the panel frame.

12. Turn On the LED Lamp

The last thing to do is trying the LED panel light system. Turn on the power of the panel light system. If it is connected perfectly, the LED lamp will be turned on. It means you are ready to use the panel light just like an incandescent lamp. It is very easy to install the panel light system, isn’t it?

Incandescent Lamp
Incandescent Lamp

The point is that LED panel light is a good option, especially for those who want to limit the use of electrical power. Just imagine how much money you can save from the electricity bill after applying the light emitting diode panel lights system. You can feel the benefits after using it for a long period of time.

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The problem is that the price is more expensive than an incandescent lamp but you have to compare with the benefits that LED panel light given to you. You will have a durable lamp which you can use for many years compared to the incandescent lamp. The most important, you can also join to keep more energy by using a more environmentally friendly lamp.

You also have learned how to install the LED panel light. It is easy to install and you just need a few minutes to do it. Just follow the instruction carefully and you can enjoy the LED lamp. Then, you can also compare the benefits before and after installing an LED lamp. Indeed, if you know the difference you will change the traditional lamp system into LED panel light system.

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