Interior Detailing

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interior detailing

Interior detailing in the car is absolutely different with the regular car wash. Although both of them have the same purpose, the car detailing works more on the detail. To put it simply, the interior detailing car is a way to clean your car very thoroughly from the front to the bottom of your car.

The detailing also uses some specialized tools and products. Not only that, but the detailing workers will also put on some “make-ups” so that your car will look more gorgeous.

The aim of this detailing is, of course, to clean and to re-condition both the interior and exterior of the car. While the regular car washing just washes the dirt off the car, this detailing will work more on the scratches and marks. That way, your car will look new and fresh as if you just buy your car from the car showroom.

Usually, those who use the service of car detailing are the ones who want to re-sell their car. They use this kind of service to get more money. Believe it or not, by detailing your car, you will be able to raise the price up to 15%. That is definitely will give you many profits.

interior detailing car
interior detailing car

Car Interior and Exterior Detailing Steps

As we stated before in the previous paragraph, the interior detailing works both on the interior and exterior. At first glance, you may think that this car interior detailing and car exterior detailing is the same as the regular car washing. However, the steps on both process are more complicated than the regular car washing.

For the exterior detailing, the workers are usually doing the same as the car washing by pouring the soap all over the car so the dirt will be easier to lift. Then, using special brushes, the car interior detailing workers will brush off the dirt throughout the entire exterior.

After that, the workers will dry the remaining water with a microfiber towel so that it will not scratch the paint. Then, to fix and exterminate the light scratches, the detailing workers will use a car polish. Last but not least, the exterior will be waxed to give an additional protection. The wax will also add some shines to your car.

As for the interior part, the car interior detailing workers will begin by cleaning all of the upholstery in your car. The detailing workers will shampoo the upholstery to remove all of the dirt and stains. If your upholstery is made from leather, the detailing workers will use a conditioner to deeply remove the stains.

This kind of technique also occurs if the upholstery is made from plastic or vinyl. Then, all of the interior glass in your car will be polished to make the glass looks new and shiny.

Besides cleaning the exterior and interior, the detailing workers will also clean the engine bay. Some of the people tend to ignore this cleaning part. However, if you want to make a good impression on your buyer, you need to clean the engine bay as well. This kind of thing will definitely make your car looks new and impress the buyer.

car interior detailing
car interior detailing

The Prices of Car Detailing

The price of interior detailing can vary depending on the services or the packages. Usually, the interior detailing prices depend on the size of the car. Apparently, the smaller the size of your car, the cheaper it gets. The one thing for sure, the interior detailing prices can cost you more than the regular car washing.

Besides the size of the car, the prices are also vary depending on the company. As each of the company needs to look for customers, they will try to pull the customer by giving a quite cheap price or package. Usually, many of the detailing company will offer you car detailing packages which cheaper than the other detailing.

In addition to the size and packages, the interior detailing car prices also depend on where you want to do the car detailing. Usually, many of the detailing company will offer you the car detailing on the spot or in your home. The difference between them lays on the price and time.

Because of the car detailing needs a lot of time, 1.5 to 3 hours, many people tend to choose to do the car detailing at home. Of course, by choosing the home car detailing, you will be required to pay more. The benefit in choosing the home car detailing is that you can wait for the car detailing while relaxing or taking a quick nap.

DIY Car Detailing

As most of the car detailing companies offer the car detailing packages up to $200, some of the people tend to do the interior detailing by themselves. Usually, this kind of interior detailing at home is done for a personal purpose.

Rather than going to the car wash so often, it is very recommended to do the interior detailing at home on your own at your home. In this modern era, there are so many cars detailing tools which you can find to be used as a personal purpose.

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From the air neutralizer to the leather kit, you can find all of them pretty easily. For example, if you are a heavy smoker, sometimes the smokes of the tobacco will cling to the upholstery. To get rid of the smoke, you now can search the neutralizer and spray in the car. Another example of interior detailing at home  is if you want to get rid of bugs, you can search for the bug spray specially made for cars.

It works just like the air neutralizer. You only need to spray it in the car and then wait for a couple of minutes, then the bugs will get out and dead. Last but not least, the next example of the car detailing tool which you can use at home is the carpet and upholstery cleaner.

This cleaner works by spraying the water onto the carpet and seats then suck the water to get rid of the dirt. Do not worry about the water because this cleaner will suck all of the water so it will give you a nice and dry result.

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