Car Interior Repair

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car interior repair

Car Interior Repair – The interior of your car is an important factor that will determine whether or not you will be able to sit in the vehicle for a long time. That is why it is not surprising if many automotive lovers want to have some modifications to their car interior, or do the car interior repair on their own. Modifying car interiors can be a good choice, especially if you drive every day with your car. The comfort that your vehicle provides will make your trip enjoyable.

If you want to make a little reparation to your car, please read the information below before going to the professional car auto repair. You will save some money if you can do it by yourself.

car interior repair
car interior repair

A. The Car Interior Upholstery Repair

Car Interior Repair, Annoyed by your leather car interior upholstery because it easily looks old or gets damaged? You do not need to directly replace it with the new one if you still love the old one. You can still repair it with a little bit effort, for example, the leather seats are torn or cracks, the dash breaks/rips or scratches you can still do something to make them look good.

1. Dashboard

Specifically for reconditioning dashboards or door trim made from plastic that has been worn or crack, then the auto mechanic will usually use putty, repainting and carving techniques in doing this car interior repair. For example, dashboards that have been broken by the expanded airbags can be restored as before. Even the damaged dashboard texture can return to its original.

First, the broken or cracked part needs to be grounded. Then sprayed it with fine putty. Because the original texture is covered with putty, it must be manually carved using pointed steel wire, in order to restore the original texture.

Actually, this carving technique of car auto repair is similar to retreading tires, in which you must follow the flow of the original texture. You will need precision and patience to obtain the perfect result. The mild scratch does not need to be carved. Instead, you just need to spray it with a special solution before painting it.

2. Skin

Just like the dashboard, old leather seats that are worn are often broken. They are usually aged or sunburned. Instead of replacing the skin material with the new expensive one, it is better to do the car interior upholstery reparation, as long as the skin is not peeled off.

The dirty seats should be cleaned of sticking dust first. Then, you need to repaint them using special paint. You will immediately see the result after the paint dries.

B. Car Stereo Repair

Car Interior Repair, Buying high-quality components for car stereos is a good way to avoid early damage. However, every car audio device will sooner or later experience problems. The first is due to its age, and the problem is inevitable. The second cause is a component that does not fit perfectly to allow the production of high-quality sound. Another cause, which often happens, is a wrong installation. This will lead you to do the car stereo repair.

The most common problem is that the car stereo which gets too hot. The selection of the wrong cable is the main cause of this hot car audio. The speaker might be wired wrong, or the cables that should have been run separately were combined.

There is no problem with the car audio device which gets slightly warmer.  because various electrical devices heat up when in use. However, the formation of too much heat can be an indication of damage. It is important to note that abnormal heat buildup can be dangerous. Heat can damage various parts of the car stereo and even cause fires.

To solve this problem, you might need to check the entire installation and cabling of the car audio system. If there is no error in cabling installation and the stereo is still running hot, the main solution might be to service the entire system and bring it to a professional mechanic in car interior repair.

C. Car Door Repair

Car Interior Repair, Car doors have a very vital role, that is why they must function perfectly. With the car door, the safety and comfort of the passengers inside the car will be maintained. In addition, the car door is also a part that is used as a place for entry and exit of passenger cars.

Unfortunately, some parts of the car door may be damaged, sometimes. The damage to the car door can also be caused due to your negligence, and it can affect the other parts of the car. Here are some common car door problems and how to do the car door repair.

1. The car door that drops down

Car Interior Repair, The car door that descends downward is usually caused by the hinges of the door that has begun to wear out, which will make its precision diminish. The condition of the car’s hinges that are starting to porous will cause the position of the seat hinge on the car door to change or shift.

Another problem is when the car door is locked, but we feel that the car door is not completely closed. This condition is caused by the position of key settings that have undergone a shift. To overcome all these problems, you need to do a car door repair by resetting all the problematic parts. You should start from the Bolt Bolt, attaches and install the new car door hinges, and adjusts the position of the car door lock.

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2. Car doors that cannot be tightly closed

Another problem that can occur is that the car door cannot be closed tightly, which is caused by an old car door rubber.  The easiest solution to overcome this problem is to replace the rubber part of the car door with a new one. The size of the car door is, of course, different, so you should adjust the length of the rubber. Because the rubber door installation process is quite complicated, it would be nice if you entrust the process of replacing the rubber door to a professional car interior repair mechanics.

If these processes seem complicated for you, you can just bring your car to the specialist workshop. And if you need some help with the high costs of that auto reparation, then you can use the car loan services. They will help you with the car repair loans. Some of them provide loans from 1,500 dollars to 30,000 dollars.

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