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Camera Brands – For you who are a photography fan, we will give the recommendation of the best digital and polaroid camera brands that can be taken into your consideration. Besides being equipped with exceptional features and specifications, these brands are indeed designed specifically for pro photographer’s work or even novice users.

camera of brands
camera of brands

A. The Best Digital Camera Brands all Year

Photography hobbies are increasingly easier to go along with the development of camera technology. Even cameras on smartphones today are slowly able to match digital cameras, especially in terms of practicality. However, judging from the price and quality of the photos, smartphone cameras have not been able to compete with digital cameras. Here are the top three camera brands that can become your cool gear.

1. Sony

Sony company does not only release various electronic home appliances products, but this brand also produces photography loving gear. The Sony brand camera industry is arguably popular. In some Asian countries, Sony cameras are also equally famous compared to two camera brands, Canon and Nikon.

Professional users in this camera industry have a range of cameras, ranging from pocket cameras to mirrorless cameras and DLSR. That is what makes Sony’s charm still exist today. Moreover, Sony also often follows the era with simple and contemporary design innovations.

When it comes to the quality of the camera brands, Sony is increasingly approaching that of Canon and Nikon. However, on the ISO feature, Sony is known to be the most perfect compared to the other camera brands. The reason is, even though in dark conditions, the snapshot of the cameras remains clear and smooth. That is the reason why Sony cameras are perfect for young active users.

camera brands canon
camera brands canon

2. Canon

The most famous camera brand photography and camera lens brands in the camera industry are held by Canon. Many photography beginners make it their first camera. Canon has several levels that can be adjusted by its users. Some are designed for beginners, serious – which is also called advanced or semi-pro, and professional classes – for the masters of photography. It is seen based on the camera body that can adjust the camera level.

The first type of Digital SLR camera release by Canon was the D30 series. Then, two years later, it had the first release of the first digital full-frame SLR camera with a resolution of 11.1 megapixels. Starting in 2010, Canon became one of the giant camera brands and camera lens brands in the photography industry. Interestingly, the naming of Canon cameras will strongly depend on the marketing area. For example, the same type of Rebel T5i Canon camera in the US will be called 700d in Europe, and Kiss X7i in Japan.

3. Nikon

The Nikon brand is arguably the more conservative brand in terms of technology compared to other DSLR camera brands. It can be seen from the ability of the Nikon’s old lens that can even be able to be mounted on the latest camera body. This is rarely found in the other camera lens brands Just like Canon, Nikon also has many fanatic fans around the world.

In addition, Nikon is known for its durability and strength compared to other camera brands. Indeed, the price of Nikon cameras is more expensive than other brands. However, the price is pretty reasonable compared to the strength of the camera body offered. In short, the Nikon cameras are worth purchasing.

Different from Canon which will name their camera according to the market area, Nikon chooses to give “D” initials to all of their digital cameras, like what you can find on Nikon D3300 and D5500. Another thing that distinguished Nikon from Canon is the fact that this camera brand does not produce cameras based on user classes. They are divided by price class and features. It aims to facilitate users in choosing what camera is suitable for purchase.

camera brands
camera brands

B. The Best Polaroid Camera Brands

Polaroid cameras, or better known as direct cameras, are the type of cameras that can process their own photos inside their body after capturing a picture. This Polaroid camera uses a special film called a Polaroid film. There are several strengths and weaknesses that you can find in this type of camera.

However, this practical device functions as a camera efficiently without involving a lot of effort and intelligence. This easy-to-use instant camera can be a perfect gift for small children who are very curious about the world around them and want to preserve this moment forever.

Although they are less sophisticated compared to the modern digital and mirrorless camera brands, Polaroid cameras still do not lose their popularity among users. If you are one of the photography lovers who are interested in using Polaroid camera, here we have a list of camera brands that might suit you.

1. Fujifilm

Fuji handles everyone’s photo needs, even those of the teenagers. Currently, this Fujifilm brand release a nice polaroid camera called The FUJIFILM Instax Mini 8. This instant camera is considered one of the best polaroid cameras that looks cute and it will surely enliven your little world with many color choices.

2. Polaroid SX-70

The Polaroid SX-70 is actually the predecessor of the 600 series. This item is very collectible, that is why it will be worthy for photographers to have it. This type of camera has become a rare item nowadays, and the maintenance can be said as both easy and difficult.

For your information, this camera chrome-plated body wrapped in leather panels. You can imagine how beautiful and unique it will be, can’t you? In addition, it also already has an auto exposure feature.

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3. Polaroid Socialmatic

As the name suggests, this type of camera is specifically designed to accommodate your needs in socializing the media. Polaroid presents Polaroid Socialmatic which has two camera lenses. The main front lens is 14 MP, while the one facing the photographers (selca) is 2 MP. The internal memory capacity is 4 GB.

Besides, there is also a 3-inch touchscreen as a monitor. What is cool about this camera is that you can print the shots directly with 2×3 inch paper. As an operating system, this camera of brands uses an Android base. It also accommodates Bluetooth and WiFi.

After checking a list of camera brands that we provide previously, hopefully, you will be able to catch a glimpse about the best camera brands and camera type that may suit you best.

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