15 Stories by Afifah

Robot Toys

Robot Toys – Due to the development of technology, some of the daily activities are replaced by robot toys with a specific robot design....
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Interior Detailing

Interior detailing in the car is absolutely different with the regular car wash. Although both of them have the same purpose, the car detailing...
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GPS Vehicle Tracker

The GPS vehicle tracker is not to be mistaken for vehicle route gadgets. As the name suggests, a vehicle route gives navigational help. So,...
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Cheap Internet

Cheap Internet – We will introduce you to some cheap internet service provider that can save up your money. You can also learn about...
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Car Interior Repair

Car Interior Repair – The interior of your car is an important factor that will determine whether or not you will be able to...
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Camera Brands

Camera Brands – For you who are a photography fan, we will give the recommendation of the best digital and polaroid camera brands that...
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