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app inventor for android

App Inventor for Android – Soon after the invention of Android, app inventor for android is created for providing simplicity for the programmers. Android, the green robot, has been invading the world so intensely. With only one invention of android, developers have created countless services and applications based on the people’s needs. Therefore, we can now say that Android is the kind.

Because of the ease, people start using the android system once it was launched. And for programmers, android is also a super tool for developing apps which is closer to targeted customers. We all know that creativity is unlimited. Thus, when it is for the needs of human being, Android can serve it without any boundaries.

app inventor on android
app inventor on android

1. What is app inventor for Android?

For programmers, to create tools and apps that can really be useful for people is the main purpose. Thus, programmers now explore the app inventor for Android as one of the most responsive tools for creating the apps. With the popularity of Android apps, tools are created to help developers. And each programmer has reasons to choose.

NetBeans, eclips, Android Studio, and other tools are available. In order to use the best and most efficient process, it is better for programmers to reveal the benefits of each. This time, we are going to explore more about the app inventor. So, what is app inventor for Android that is so popular among programmers? What are the benefits of the tool?

App inventor for Android which is also popular for Google App Inventor is an open-source website application which is originally developed by Google. Today, the system is maintained and managed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The tool enables programmers to create software app for the Android OS. The tool employs a graphical interface that makes the drag-and-drop visual objects for producing app that works for Android devices.

The app inventor works in the online development environments. The app inventor on android also supports the use cloud data. The unique idea behind this tool is the information by constructionist learning basic. It means, the system emphasizes that programming will engage ideas through a process of learning.

Programmers can easily create the app since it does not require programming language; instead programmers can do drag and drop.

2. App Inventor for Android Tools:

Programmers have many reasons to pick the right tools for their projects. This app inventor on android enables developers to create apps through a web browser. The app will work for Android phones by using the browser that is connected on a phone or emulator. While creating the app, the app inventor servers will store the programs. That way, creators can keep the track of their projects.

Google app inventor servers employ several systems. The first part is app inventor designer that will be the main tool to create the app. Next, programmers can use apps inventor block editor to work on their basic model. After that, they can use android emulator for checking the results. The app will be ready and work on Android phones. Here are the details:

a. App Inventor Designer

With the app inventor designer, programmers will be able to select the components of their app.

b. App Inventor Blocks Editor

After that, they can simply use app inventor on android blocks editor to assemble program blocks. That part is the key where programmers can make sure the components behavior. It is the fun part of the system since programmers can just do it visually. To fit the blocks will be like placing the blocks of puzzle pieces. The app automatically appears on the android phone gradually and step by step when the programmers add the pieces.

Therefore, programmers can test the work in the middle of the process. When the procedure is done, the programmers can package the app. The last step is the stand-alone application to install the app.

For programmers that do not own Android phone, this app inventor for Android is still possible to use. They can build the app using the Android emulator. The software will run on the computers and function exactly the same as android phone. It is good that the app inventor development media works for Mac OS X, Linux, and of course Windows operating systems.

Even, other popular Android phone models can use the same app inventor on Android. When the app is done, the app created with the app inventor can be installed instantly on any Android phones. However, there will be some system requirements to fulfill before installing the apps. Remember that before programmers use the app inventor, they need to install the app inventor setup package on PC.

3. App Inventor on Android Alternative

Building android application can be completed with various tools. One of the most common tools to use is Android Studio. Instead of the app inventor for Android, this is the system that is also programmer-friendly. However, programmers need to explore more than just those two tools. Here are some of the tools for creating android apps.

a. Xamarin

It is a software developer which can create mobile app with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone basis. The tool is a product of IT company based in San Francisco, California which operated since 2011. Xamarin comes in two IDE programs. Programmers can use Microsoft Visual Studio integrated Xamarin and Xamarin Studio.

For programmers which employs windows OS on their computers with the Microsoft Visual Studio, integrated Microsoft Visual Studio is the right choice. Meanwhile, programmers with Macintosh operating system can use Xamarin Studio. Xamarin makes it easy for programmers who are used to employ programming language.

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b. Apache Cordova

It is a platform for creating mobile application using HTML, Javascript, and CSS. The program is supported by Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. Apache Cordova supplies various API plug-ins for giving developers ease for developing the apps. The products will be able to access various facilities or functions such as battery status, cameras, media, compass, geolocation, and even signal information.

Android is a big invention with countless functions. The applications touch right away the Android users and it is the core benefit of technology. With the app inventor on Android, programmers will be able to create various apps for functional purposes.

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